X-Ray Services in San Antonio, TX

Here at Peterson Chiropractic, Dr. Peterson does not take any guess work when it comes to your health and well-being. Every patient will sit down and have a consultation and during that consultation Dr. Peterson will determine if X-rays are needed.

If so, we have the ability to take x-rays right here in our office. We use digital x-rays that have sharper images optimized for clarity with a customizable image sharpness level.

After being taken, these images will be thoroughly analyzed by Dr. Peterson. He has software that allows him to do advanced analysis to measure asymmetry, spinal curve angles and other abnormal tilts and twist of the spine.

Based off of these findings, Dr. Peterson will be able to find out if you are a chiropractic candidate and, if so, what type of care will be necessary for you and your case.

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