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Did you know that Chiropractic care is essential in achieving your body’s overall health and wellness? Generally, we may think that we are living a healthy life because of how we feel. However, the most important part of living a healthy life is not defined by how we feel; it is defined by how well our body functions.

Your brain and spinal cord are what control each of our body’s functions; organs, limbs, hormones and immune function. Your spinal column is in essence, a superhighway that your nerves navigate to reach each part of your body. This is a critical function to achieve health – that superhighway must be maintained not only for us to be healthy, but also to be strong.

So how does Chiropractic care come into place for achieving our optimal health and wellness? Chiropractic care helps us achieve total health because it focuses on optimizing the health of your spinal column. When your nervous system has a well maintained superhighway (your spinal column), it is able send uninterrupted messages from your brain to your organs and the rest of your body. When uninterrupted messages are received, each part of your body is able to function to its optimal level and not at a reduced percentage.

When our spinal column is not well maintained it is more like a superhighway riddled with road blocks and potholes, the outcome is often the sensation of pain and it can be present in just about any area of our body.  You might feel pain in your side, your neck, back or even in your feet. Sometime you might even feel pain in what feels more internal like an organ. Although the area of your pain may be felt elsewhere, pain a very most common sign of a spinal issue in your body. This tells us that the message from your brain to that area of your body is not being received at 100%, hence the organ or body part is not able to function at 100%. This is what eventually leads to pain, and it should not be ignored.

At Peterson Chiropractic, Dr. Peterson and his family have dedicated their life’s work to helping people improve and overcome spinal issues. In fact, when spinal problems are addressed early, Dr. Peterson has been able to reduce his patient’s pain levels and even help them avoid it. He has built a reputation as a skilled chiropractor in San Antonio by getting optimal results using a specialize technique called Torque Release. This technique provides patients a gentle touch instead of cracking and twisting, yet it provides relief and repair to the often damaged spinal column. Peterson Chiropractic’s years of experience and Torque Release method provide a multifaceted benefit for your improved and optimal health.

The most exciting part is that this San Antonio chiropractor is able to provide a plan for your health to reach it’s optimal function level within the following areas:

  1. Physical Health – The first step in Chiropractic care is to eliminate any interference in the messages from your brain to the various parts of your body. Interrupted messages interfere with your body’s ability to physically heal. In order to reduce or eliminate the “road blocks” or “potholes” in your spinal column’s superhighway as described above, Dr. Peterson targets the specific area on your spinal column that is responsible for that limb or organ where you felt pain. Then, he uses the non-invasive adjustment technique; Torque Release, to help to restore the proper position of your spinal bones. Additionally it also helps those spinal bones to move correctly with proper motion versus cracking, pinching or locking. The result is that you will have increased function, proper healing and less pain in that area.
  1. Mental Health – Stress and anxiety have been proven to prevent or slow your body’s healing process. In essence, stress and anxiety can really complicate our body’s physical issues. While there may be a number of skilled and qualified San Antonio chiropractors, there are few of them who take the mental aspect of healing as serious as Dr. Peterson and his staff. To help combat stress and anxiety, Peterson Chiropractic strives to make patients feel welcomed and create a positive, loving environment not only in the office, but at every interaction either physical or virtual. Dr. Peterson and his staff create an environment for improved healing by expressing love and encouragement throughout your health plan. In fact, many patients comment on how the practice feels more like a family than an office. For this San Antonio chiropractor, providing this essential environment has proven to help patients throughout their healing journey. It all works together – When Dr. Peterson is able to help reduce the stress of coming to the doctor for a visit, he knows his patients will benefit and improve their healing process.
  1. Spiritual – At Peterson Chiropractic, one of our steps to health, includes the power of prayer. Not only does Dr. Peterson focus on the physical and mental improvement in the health of each patient, he also believes in praying for you or with you if you request it. Dr. Peterson views it as honor and privilege to pray with or for any patients who needs it. We believe prayer helps patients alleviate stress…. Relieving stress helps improve physical healing… And physical healing helps reduce or relieve pain and create improved health.

In summary, Chiropractic care is essential in achieving your body’s overall health and wellness because it protects the health of your spinal column’s message superhighway. Adding a chiropractor to your healthcare mix is essential in achieving your body’s optimal functioning level. Now that you know that our health is not only defined by how we feel but by how well our body is functioning, it is important to find a chiropractor in San Antonio that fits you.

Peterson Chiropractic offers a full-service chiropractic care facility for all ages and life stages where every aspect of your care is addressed. There is no reason to delay. We invite you to get to know us or visit us for a free consultation and health review. Call today for a appointment. We look forward to meeting you!

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