Peterson Chiropractic is blessed to be a part of our patient’s success stories. Not only do our
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Google Reviews:

Agustin G. Avatar

I went in to Dr Peterson’s office not knowing what to expect. All I knew was that I was in severe pain. The entire office staff is amazing. After a few weeks under their care I was able to play... read more

Agustin G. 1 month ago
Julie C. Avatar

I can not say enough great things about this amazing team of individuals. They are helping me feel good again. I drive 45 minutes one way to see Dr. Peterson and it’s worth the time. I’m proud of myself for... read more

Julie C. 3 months ago
Debbie F. Avatar

Everyone at Peterson Chiropractic is friendly and professional. The cadence of the office is awesome...very organized and efficient!!

Dr. Tim makes time to explain what he is doing and why. He always answers my questions!!

I cannot handle having my...
read more

Debbie F. 4 months ago
Thalia W. Avatar

I have been a patient of the practice since 2017 and I don't regret one moment of the time and money! Dr. Peterson and his team are genuine, caring and most of all skilled in their respective roles. I have... read more

Thalia W. 4 months ago
Ayron G. Avatar

I've been going to Peterson chiropractic for about a month, and I can feel less pain in my lower back. I also feel like I have an increase in energy throughout the day, and its starting to have a positive... read more

Ayron G. 4 months ago
Claudia B. Avatar

The staff is the best! They really are the friendliest most caring medical staff I have ever met. The office atmosphere is always so happy and welcoming. Treatment here is great. In the time I have been receiving treatment I... read more

Claudia B. 4 months ago
Karen G. Avatar

I Love Peterson Chiropractic. Dr Tim Peterson has really helped me live a more comfortable and productive life. I was even able to go to Disney World and keep up with the younger ones - they were quite... read more

Karen G. 4 months ago
Monica V. Avatar

I’ve been a patient here for 5 years. The office staff and chiropractors are very friendly and always greet you upon arrival. They know everyone’s name and always ask how you’re doing. The care has been amazing and I... read more

Monica V. 4 months ago
Zoe B. Avatar

10/10 would recommend!! Love it here! They treat you like family. My back and neck problems have gotten tremendously gotten better since coming here. I have far more days where I wake up feeling good and energized!

Zoe B. 5 months ago
AnnDee S. Avatar

I have been going regularly to Peterson Chiropractic for almost 3 years. My diligence has kept me pain free and able to live my active life. The warmth and concern of the Peterson family (including you, Deborah) make my... read more

AnnDee S. 6 months ago
Dyanne J. Avatar

If you are looking for a chiropractic office who is up to date in modern technology, very thorough in their exams and will be greeted by the happiest of staff then Peterson Chiropractic is for you! I had a positive... read more

Dyanne J. 6 months ago
Cynthia G. Avatar

I am posting this review on behalf of my husband. My husband was suffering from severe neck pain and was having difficulty getting out of bed. He was miserable. I found Peterson Chiropractic on Google. Dr. Tim Peterson decided to... read more

Cynthia G. 7 months ago
Kari G. Avatar

Came in with lower back pain and stiffness. Now have a plan and feeling better after 2 weeks. The staff is very friendly and helpful. Both doctors answer all questions. Benefits include sleeping better!

Kari G. 7 months ago
Joshua D. Avatar

I went in without knowing anything other than the fact that i was experiencing pain and discomfort. I was having trouble picking up my one year old son, I am 22 years old I should not be having that... read more

Joshua D. 7 months ago
Cindy M. Avatar

Peterson Chiropractic has given me strength and confidence. Their professionalism and positivity reassure me. They are helping me on my Journey to good health.

Cindy M.

Cindy M. 8 months ago
Roxy U. Avatar

FAMILY FRIENDLY!! my husband goes once a week with our 2 years old daughter, everyone is so patient with them. The staff is very attentive, great customer service, everyone is extremely friendly and willing to help. My husband has only... read more

Roxy U. 8 months ago
Roxanne S. Avatar

FAMILY FRIENDLY!! my husband goes once a week with our 2 years old daughter, everyone is so patient with them. The staff is very attentive, great customer service, everyone is extremely friendly and willing to help. My husband has only... read more

Roxanne S. 8 months ago
Gina G. Avatar

I never thought about going to a chiropractor. A neighbor recommended this clinic to me. I have had a very positive experience. I am seeing results in my body, which makes my attitude more positive. The entire staff is well... read more

Gina G. 9 months ago
Chris B. Avatar

I have experienced neck and back pain for over 25 years. I have had limited experience with chiropractors in the past because it looked more painful to get the correction than the relief I might experience would be worth!... read more

Chris B. 10 months ago
Gloria A. Avatar

I am so happy with Peterson Chiropractic. The staff and Drs. Peterson are outstanding. They always have a cheerful attitude to greet you and deal with people very professionally. I always get a hello and a goodbye. ... read more

Gloria A. 10 months ago
Monica S. Avatar

I have been going to Dr Tim Peterson for over 2 years. All of the staff at Peterson Chiropractic are extremely helpful and super kind! My experience has been fantastic as the pain in my lower back has... read more

Monica S. 11 months ago
Samantha H. Avatar

The entire staff and Dr. Peterson are so nice! Very accommodating and welcoming people. Calm environment and very thorough process. Would recommend for anyone!

Samantha H. 11 months ago
Jessica G. Avatar

I Love the courtesy and professionalism at Peterson Chiropractic. I thank Dr. Peterson for maintaining my health thru chiropractic treatment. My neck and back always feels better after that adjustment.

Jessica G. 11 months ago
Lisa W. Avatar

The staff is very respectful and welcoming. The appointments are always fast and there is never a long wait to be seen. I have noticed great improvements with my migraines and look forward to seeing further results from my treatment.

Lisa W. 1 year ago
Vicky G. Avatar

I first started seeing Dr Tim after a car accident. I was experiencing constant headaches, terrible neck pain and weakness in my right arm. After two months of treatment I have significant improvement in all areas! ... read more

Vicky G. 1 year ago
Joseph C. Avatar

Their staff is always professional, helpful and greeting you with a smile. Since I started treatment with Peterson chiropractic, my back, neck and should pain has disappeared. If you are looking for a reputable professional team that truly helps their... read more

Joseph C. 1 year ago
Peggy R. Avatar

I have been a patient at Peterson Chiropractic for 5 years and would highly recommend them to anyone who is suffering with any back problems. My mother is a patient and recommended that I go be seen for the problems... read more

Peggy R. 1 year ago
David T. Avatar

Amazing service...staff, knowledgable Doctor. Highly recommend this Team of professionals!

David T. 1 year ago
Edgar L. Avatar

I’ve been going to Dr. Peterson since October 2019. I’d have to admit that I was initially skeptical about treatment however after following the recommend plan, I have seen an extreme reduction in my upper back tension. Prior to going... read more

Edgar L. 1 year ago
Stacey R. Avatar

The entire staff is friendly, respectful and genuinely caring. I've been treated by Dr. Peterson since Sept 2016, which has vastly reduced the frequency of tension headaches, has increased my neck's ease of motion, and has completely corrected painful a... read more

Stacey R. 1 year ago
Kim M. Avatar

Over the past year of treatment, I have been more than impressed & satisfied with the quality of care I have received at Peterson Chiropractic.

I have seen improvement in my posture, less headaches, and better sleep quality. My...
read more

Kim M. 1 year ago
Mary H. Avatar

I’m a long-time patient at Peterson Chiropractic, and would highly recommend them to anyone that has back or spine issues. I started coming because of my lower back issues. I’m on a maintenance plan now, and look forward... read more

Mary H. 1 year ago
Jessica M. Avatar

Such a hearty place- the doctors know their practice well and the office staff take care to get to know their patients- always greeting and helping out. This office often has information evenings so if you’re unsure about chiropractic care,... read more

Jessica M. 1 year ago
Mel D. Avatar

A little over three years ago I was experiencing lower back pain and found it difficult to sleep without taking pain medication. A close family friend suggested I try Peterson Chiropractic Clinic to see if they could help... read more

Mel D. 1 year ago
Tim C. Avatar

Coming up on a year of chiropractic from Dr. Peterson and feel great! The initial evaluation and re-evaluations along the way were extremely helpful in understanding my body and it's transformation to better health. Great chiropractic experience complimented with great staff!

Tim C. 1 year ago
Candy C. Avatar

My husband and I have been going to Peterson chiropractic for several years. We were experiencing some back and neck pain at the time but we mainly wanted to be proactive about our aging health care needs. We have found... read more

Candy C. 1 year ago
Gary T. Avatar

About a year and half ago I made the decision to go to the chiropractor for a chronic pain I was having in my neck and I was not very optimistic about them fixing my problem. I walk in to... read more

Gary T. 1 year ago
Eric L. Avatar

I have been a patient of Peterson Chiropractic for over twenty years. Drs. Peterson corrected problems I was having with my back and legs. Monthly maintenance visits have helped maintain my body in good health. The staff... read more

Eric L. 1 year ago
L B. Avatar

I was referred to Dr. Peterson and decided to go in because I have had years of issues with my lower back and hip area.

The initial exam was very thorough and included a scan and xrays. The results were discussed...
read more

L B. 1 year ago
Shanell L. Avatar

I have been going to Peterson Chiropractic for 3 years now. It has helped me so much. My hips, neck and back no longer hurt like they did when I walked in on my first visit. I am on... read more

Shanell L. 1 year ago
Chelsea M. Avatar

Amazing place! Glad I went to see Dr.Peterson. Took me to long to take care of myself. Amazing progress! Went from having migraines/headaches everyday and constant back pain to being pain free and no more taking pills to make things... read more

Chelsea M. 1 year ago
Phyllis C. Avatar

This group is very organized, friendly, personable. Everyone treats you with class and dignity. Dr. Peterson, is very thorough and informative. I have no regrets regarding my decision to make my health a priority. I am very pleased with the... read more

Phyllis C. 1 year ago
Marisol G. Avatar

I'm so greatful I was able to meet the staff at a wellness event at work just as the day was wrapping up. They were so willing to provide me the same information as everyone else regardless of things wrapping... read more

Marisol G. 1 year ago
Tom O. Avatar

I can’t say enough great things about Peterson Chiropractic. The entire team’s authentic commitment to excellence in service to their patients and community is a rare find. I’m Thankful to have them in my life
and for the difference they have...
read more

Tom O. 1 year ago
Charita B. Avatar

Peterson Chiropractic is a faith-based practice with knowledgeable staff who genuinely seek to serve. The services I've received have really made a positive difference in my life. Thanks to all the staff for educating me and always making me feel... read more

Charita B. 1 year ago
Jeremy B. Avatar

I've experienced many different chiropractors over the years. Dr. Peterson's office has one of the most caring and loving environments I've seen, where they truly put the patient and their health first. They are five stars in my book!

Jeremy B. 1 year ago
Leadership L. Avatar

During my 27-yr Air Force career I used chiropractors repeatedly for multiple problems caused by one leg being 3/8" longer. After being retired 7-yrs with no chiropractic care, because TRICARE does not cover for retirees, I felt extreme back pain... read more

Leadership L. 1 year ago
Sergio G. Avatar

If you guys need help. Come on down to Peterson chiropractor. They have a lovely staff and chiropractors who care about your health. I give them a two thumbs 👍 👍

Sergio G. 1 year ago
Jb B. Avatar

Peterson Chiropractic has a very non evasive approach in their care which is great ! I ha e been a patient for more than 6 years and the staff is great and caring with my care. I would highly... read more

Jb B. 1 year ago
Lili D. Avatar

The sweetest, most caring experience I’ve ever had in a Doctor’s office. Every detail is handled with excellence. The facilities are spotless and welcoming. Dr Peterson is thorough and loves to teach you about your spine and caring for yourself.... read more

Lili D. 1 year ago
AdamAntLover .. Avatar

The entire "family" at Peterson Chiropractic is amazing! I met them when Ann and Josh came to my place of employment to talk about stress and chiropractic medicine. At the time, I could not lift my right arm, not even... read more

AdamAntLover .. 1 year ago
Jonathan C. Avatar

They came out to my work as part of a Wellness fair my company was having. The interaction with them at that time left a lasting impression. After coming here the experience has been amazing. The staff... read more

Jonathan C. 1 year ago
kenneth w. Avatar

I have been seeing Dr. Peterson for several years and have improved my spine and posture in particular.

I saw Dr. Peterson today for my lower back and neck pain that was somewhat severe.
After his adjustment, I immediately felt better...
read more

kenneth w. 1 year ago

Manually Submitted Reviews:

3 Year Old With Constipation

My 3 year old daughter suffered from severe constipation. She had been on miralax and fiber supplements since she was 6 months old. If she missed even one dose the miserable days that followed were unbearable to watch as a parent. 4 different doctors had seen her and done xrays and abdominal ultra sounds. None could tell me what was wrong only treat the symptoms I described. After reading an article on a child with the same issue having great results after an adjustment, I thought what do I have to lose? My daughter is very shy and scared of strangers, Dr. Tim was VERY patient with her and allowed me time to talk her through everything going on and calm her down. He was able to get xrays done and kinda give her an adjustment on visit 1. The nurses were even more amazing. Giving my daughter tons of comfort and encouraging words to help her feel comfortable. Since Dr. Tim was only able to do a semi adjustment due to my daughter not totally cooperating I had very low expectations. Within 24 hours my daughter had a semi painless bowel movement. Within 4-6 visits my daughter was excited to see Dr. Tim. By the end of our time with him she was hopping on the table by herself and getting her adjustments done like a pro. Fast forward 9 months, she is no longer on ANY medicine or fiber supplements. Her bowel movements are completely regular and pain free. If not for Dr. Tim my daughter would still be on who knows what kind of medicine with NO end in sight.
I highly recommend him as a first option, not as a last resort like I did.

– Donna S

Not Your Average Doctors Office

I have never felt more welcome, more respected, and more cared for in any medical establishment. Keep up the amazing work. Incredibly thankful for y’all! 👏

– Libby K

Medication Free

I am so thankful to Peterson Chiropractor. They have helped me and my children get on to a healthy path. I have been able to get off all pain meds and my son has not had an asthma attack in 3 yrs.

– Jessica F

No Guess Work

Dr. Peterson was extremely thorough in my initial appointment and really listened to my history before he treated me on my second appointment. When I came back for my adjustment, he knew exactly what my back should do to get it back in line and was precise and accurate in his adjustment. No twisting or feeling like a pretzel! I am coming back with the whole family!

– Christen T

Gentle Technique

As a medical provider I see many patients with chronic pain, not relieved with medication.

Drs. Peterson and Peterson have a proven technique, the gentle activator, which slowly aligns the spine, I know from personal experience how helpful this treatment is.

The activator is so gentle my grandson has slept through his adjustment.

I strongly recommend anyone suffering from pain, arthritis, fibromyalgia, etc. to get a consult Don’t live with pain and discomfort.

– Lysa H

Clean, Professional, and Efficient

This clinic is run like a tight ship! Very clean and professional. All of the staff is extremely caring and friendly. Dr. Tim Peterson explains every aspect of the treatment and checks for progress and changes at every visit with the patient. The clinic uses cool technology to make checking in easy and efficient. They are very aware of ur schedule and there is very little to none “wait-time” even though there is a steady flow of patients. Since starting my treatment I have experienced increased flexibility, less discomfort, and more energy. I would recommend this practice to anyone in need of chiropractic care.

– G.D.

Knowledgeable and Compassionate

Gentle activator technique option available for those who cannot tolerate traditional chiropractic manipulation. Knowledgeable and compassionate care. Highly recommended.

– Louis E