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Eric Shields
Eric Shields
Great friendly staff who are very helpful and work to accommodate your schedule. Dr Peterson does a fantastic job of explaining what and why he is doing. Would recommend to anyone looking to improve their overall health and well being.
Pamela Garcia
Pamela Garcia
They have ruined me for the healthcare profession! The past year has been a health nightmare me. I was traumatized. The thought of having to see a healthcare professional causes severe anxiety. At Peterson Chiropractic they take CARE OF YOU TO IMPROVE YOUR HEALTH! They treat your HEART, MIND, SOUL, & (then) BODY, in that order! Wholie-listic healing because they heal the whole person. They actually KNOW & CARE about everyone of their patients. All are welcome and all who visit feel the love. Because of all this, I have no fear or anxiety when visiting, in fact, I look forward to going. Peterson Chiropractic, where they ADJUST YOUR LIFE to help you be your best you and live your best life.
Alejandra Davila
Alejandra Davila
Es un lugar que cuando estas ahí no te quieres ir ! La atención de los Quiropracticos , como de el servicio desde que llegas es muy ameno, agradable, Se siente la calidez y el entusiasmo de ayuda para el paciente Y grandes cambios se sienten y se notan en tu cuerpo inmediatamente El mejor Quiropractico que he visitado ! Mi esposo tiene tratamiento de mantenimiento desde hace 25 años con ellos ! Lo recomiendo a ojos cerrados
maria uribe
maria uribe
Tengo viniendo aproximada mente dos meses con el quiropráctico mis resultados an sido muy buenos ahora ya puedo hacer más bien mis cosas gracias ala ayuda del quiropráctico gracias por toda su ayuda quiropráctico dios lo proteja siempre y siga ayudando a muchas más personas como Ami
Anna Anna
Anna Anna
Their staff is always professional, helpful and greeting you with a smile. Since I started treatment with Peterson chiropractic, my back and neck pain has disappeared. If you are looking for a reputable professional team that truly helps their patients, stop your search you have found your answer here.
celess thomas
celess thomas
Peterson chiropractor is a great place for great results . I may be young but it has help me a lot to be the best I can be! If you value your health at any age please go to Peterson chiropractor.
David Palazzola
David Palazzola
If your looking for the last chiropractor you’ll ever need you’ve found it!! This office is not only a place to heal your back but is a place to heal the soul! The staff I’m honored to call my friends and family. The attention to detail and care is matched by none. This office is almost as beautiful as the staff working there they are there for more than just your medical care they also have a strong faith in God and if you need prayer they encourage you to let them know. When you become a patient here they have more than your back they have you in they’re prayers no one should have to struggle with they’re health or faith alone and this office has managed to find the solution to both. My favorite family business and practice is here and here I plan to stay. Thank you Peterson chiropractic!!!!
Diana Alcocer
Diana Alcocer
I have been going for regular chiropractic treatment for 10 years. Several of my conditions have lessened with treatment. I highly recommend Peterson Chiropractic for treatment. You will feel relief!
Athena Solis
Athena Solis
These guys are great. Awesome staff and amazing doctor. He’s very knowledgeable. Love how everyone cares for their patients. My hunny has been seeing them a little over a month now. Went in with some major issues. They were a last resort after being told by many doctors “there’s nothing wrong with you. Here, let’s get you more pills. Or eventually look into surgery.” Blessed to have found them!! His headaches have stopped. His neck pain is gone. He’s sleeping better. Walking without his cane. His hearing has improved! I can go on. Tysm guys
Mariana Bazaldua de Font
Mariana Bazaldua de Font
A very friendly environment you will see results within a week. 100 % satisfied client

Manually Submitted Reviews:

3 Year Old With Constipation

My 3 year old daughter suffered from severe constipation. She had been on miralax and fiber supplements since she was 6 months old. If she missed even one dose the miserable days that followed were unbearable to watch as a parent. 4 different doctors had seen her and done xrays and abdominal ultra sounds. None could tell me what was wrong only treat the symptoms I described. After reading an article on a child with the same issue having great results after an adjustment, I thought what do I have to lose? My daughter is very shy and scared of strangers, Dr. Tim was VERY patient with her and allowed me time to talk her through everything going on and calm her down. He was able to get xrays done and kinda give her an adjustment on visit 1. The nurses were even more amazing. Giving my daughter tons of comfort and encouraging words to help her feel comfortable. Since Dr. Tim was only able to do a semi adjustment due to my daughter not totally cooperating I had very low expectations. Within 24 hours my daughter had a semi painless bowel movement. Within 4-6 visits my daughter was excited to see Dr. Tim. By the end of our time with him she was hopping on the table by herself and getting her adjustments done like a pro. Fast forward 9 months, she is no longer on ANY medicine or fiber supplements. Her bowel movements are completely regular and pain free. If not for Dr. Tim my daughter would still be on who knows what kind of medicine with NO end in sight.
I highly recommend him as a first option, not as a last resort like I did.

– Donna S

Not Your Average Doctors Office

I have never felt more welcome, more respected, and more cared for in any medical establishment. Keep up the amazing work. Incredibly thankful for y’all! 👏

– Libby K

Medication Free

I am so thankful to Peterson Chiropractor. They have helped me and my children get on to a healthy path. I have been able to get off all pain meds and my son has not had an asthma attack in 3 yrs.

– Jessica F

No Guess Work

Dr. Peterson was extremely thorough in my initial appointment and really listened to my history before he treated me on my second appointment. When I came back for my adjustment, he knew exactly what my back should do to get it back in line and was precise and accurate in his adjustment. No twisting or feeling like a pretzel! I am coming back with the whole family!

– Christen T

Gentle Technique

As a medical provider I see many patients with chronic pain, not relieved with medication.

Drs. Peterson and Peterson have a proven technique, the gentle activator, which slowly aligns the spine, I know from personal experience how helpful this treatment is.

The activator is so gentle my grandson has slept through his adjustment.

I strongly recommend anyone suffering from pain, arthritis, fibromyalgia, etc. to get a consult Don’t live with pain and discomfort.

– Lysa H

Clean, Professional, and Efficient

This clinic is run like a tight ship! Very clean and professional. All of the staff is extremely caring and friendly. Dr. Tim Peterson explains every aspect of the treatment and checks for progress and changes at every visit with the patient. The clinic uses cool technology to make checking in easy and efficient. They are very aware of ur schedule and there is very little to none “wait-time” even though there is a steady flow of patients. Since starting my treatment I have experienced increased flexibility, less discomfort, and more energy. I would recommend this practice to anyone in need of chiropractic care.

– G.D.

Knowledgeable and Compassionate

Gentle activator technique option available for those who cannot tolerate traditional chiropractic manipulation. Knowledgeable and compassionate care. Highly recommended.

– Louis E