Who We Serve

Our goal at Peterson Chiropractic to focus on helping patients have physically, mentally, and spiritually healthier lives. This is done through the gentle Torque Release Technique, positive attitudes, genuine care and prayer for and with our patients. We treat patients of all ages or needs, learn more how we can help you below. 

Geriatric Care

Chiropractic care helps a person continue to have a proper range of motion in all of their extremities, which can enhance their quality of life. 

Infant and Children

Chiropractic care is essential for infant, babies and children. Think of chiropractic care as you would good nutritional care- always essential for your child’s good health.


Fibromyalgia is an epidemic and disabling myofascial condition. The typical patient says he hurts all over, sleeps poorly, and feels chronically tired and depressed.