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Our Office Is Like Family…Literally.
Our office is like family…literally. Dr. Tim Peterson’s father, brother, and sister-in-law all work at Peterson Chiropractic. Not only do we focus on helping our patients have physically healthier lives, but we help them mentally and spiritually as well. This is done through our gentle torque release technique, positive attitudes, and prayer with and for our patients. Hire the best chiropractor in San Antonio, TX by getting in touch with us today!
About Us.
Peterson Chiropractic was founded in San Antonio, Texas in 1985 after Dr. Ward Peterson answered his calling. “Dr. Ward”, as we refer to him in the office, started his early career as a registered pharmacist. This early career path left him feeling like there was “more” to be done for people regarding their healthcare. He took an interest in chiropractic care because it was a practice that took on a hands-on, drug-free approach to healing and helping people.
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Our Process
What to Expect at Peterson Chiropractic
Step 1: Comprehensive Consultation
Dr. Peterson will meet with you to review your health history and concerns.
Step 2: Chiropractic Examination
He will determine the health of your spine and nervous system.
Step 3: X-Rays
If necessary, we will perform onsite X-rays.
Step 4: Follow Up
Dr. Peterson will review your films with you.
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Why Choose Us

Peterson Chiropractic was founded in 1985 by Dr. Ward Peterson. In 2018, his son Dr. Tim Peterson took over ownership. Since 2001, Dr. Tim Peterson has used the torque release technique in San Antonio, TX and has become an expert in the process.

The team at Peterson Chiropractic loves seeing patients get great results with conditions, such as back pain, neck pain, headaches/migraines, better balance, improved sports performance, and many other conditions, which allows them to get back to the lifestyle they love. Schedule an appointment with a family chiropractor in San Antonio by giving us a call today!

Our Healthy, Happy Patients

Frequently Asked Questions
Does It Hurt?
Here at Peterson Chiropractic we use a very gentle technique called the Torque release technique. Our doctors are able to give precise adjustments using a tool called an integrator. There is no cracking, popping or twisting. We have been able to adjust sleeping babies so gently that they stay asleep.

How Much Does it Cost?
The cost will depend on what type of services Dr. Peterson determines are necessary for you. There is no charge for a consultation to sit down and talk with the doctor about your condition. Before any professional services are rendered, the cost will be explained to you.
Do You Accept Insurance?
We accept all insurances; however, we are out-of-network with all insurances. We have found that, depending on your insurance plan, in and out of network benefits can be similar. So, we recommend bringing your insurance card with you on your first visit and, if requested, we will call your insurance and find out what your benefits are.
Why Are You Out Of Network With All Insurances?
Our primary goal is to give our patients the best care, and we expect that you want the best care as well. Insurance does its best to get in the way of that care. If we were in network, we would be forced to work more for the insurance companies rather than for you and your health. Being out of network allows the patient and doctor to work together without interference to get you the best results.
Do I have to have X-rays?
Only if the doctor determines that they are necessary. If they are necessary, it will be because the doctor will not take guesswork with your health.
Do you take care of babies, kids, or pregnant Women?
YES! YES! And YES! We love to take care of babies, kids and pregnant women and we are often a great fit because of the gentle technique we use (the torque release technique). We have had great results helping babies and children thrive and grow healthy. Women who are pregnant often have unique pains and health issues that can be helped with chiropractic care.
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